5 Awesome online image editing tools for having fun with profile pictures

We all love our profile pics. Now you can make them better. Here’s a list of the best websites that let you tweak your profile pics with different types of effects.
1. BeFunky – Cartoonise your self, or your friends along with you!

2. Photofunia – Good for putting your pictures on billboards all across the city, buildings etc.

3. WriteOnit and MagMyPic – Feature yourself in all those magazine covers. Magazines on WritOnIt tend to be more popular.

4. Photovisi – Create beautiful photo collages, then use them as wallpapers. You might have to register though. [ it’s free! ]

5. Text-Image.com – ASCII art! Your profile pic, made completely of characters!

6. PicArtia and Mosiacally – Create a photo Mosiac [ A big picture made up of smaller pictures ]. While Picartia has galleries of the small pics that will make up your main pic, Mosiacally wants you to upload many small pics to be used to create the main pic.

For the pics featured at the top of this post – modify the default facebook sillhoute here.

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