Facebook messages – Attach any file type including mp3s and pdfs

Screen shot of facebook messages showng file attachment

I just noticed this, Facebook now lets you attach any type of file in a message. The recipient can download the file to his computer, as they do not have support for online viewing, like popular e-mail services [ read Gmail ]. What this means is now we have one more reason to not use our emails to communicate with friends. This was one area Facebook lagged in helping people connect  exclusively through it.

Facebook also recently introduced the new chat allowing you to add more people to a same chat [ without requiring a new group, this is something similar to huddle, for people trying out google plus ], and the new video chat [ also something Gmail users have had for a long time, and a very cool version of it is now known as the hangout on google plus ],

All this shows how Facebook is working hard to be the service for all sorts of social interaction.

But with all this armour are they ready for google plus’ public release, which thanks to Google being well, Google, manages communications quite fluidly.

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