Ice Cream Sandwich – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Reviewing new things in tech. This week, Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich goes under our iris.

1. Integrates the tablet and phone versions of the OS.

2. Folders introduced. Like the Symbian OS, ICS lets you makes folders for your apps. Just drag one icon onto another, and you have made yourself a folder, with both the icons in it!

3. The app drawer has been split into two – the apps pane and the widgets pane

4. Faster browser, with better HTML5 compatibility

5. A dedicated multi-tasking button (virtual), which opens up the recent apps list, with thumbnails of recent applications, instead of icons.

6. No flash support.

7. No physical buttons, at least not in the ICS flagship device, Nexus.

8. Improved text input. Better  keyboard, and better spelling correction.

9. Camera – Zero shutter lag for taking shots faster, and panorama mode for wide photos!

10. Support for NFC [ Near field communication ]. That crazy technology that lets you share files and pay grocery bills just by  tapping!

11. Face recognition!

Watch Samsung’s video, for their flagship Android 4.0 device. Watch carefully at 00.31! Also, guess what the girl is eating at 00.43?!

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