5 Awesome YouTube labs

This is a round-up of the best labs at youtube that will enable you to kill more time.

#1 Cosmic Panda

Cosmic Panda is something what youtube should always have been. It’s a new layout engineered from the ground up. It makes video watching a beautiful experience.

#2 Feather Beta

This is for all 240p people. This will drastically reduce the download size of the page [not the video] for faster browsing on slow connections.

#3 YouTube Music Discovery

Enter an artist’s/song’s name and YouTube will create a mix for you to listen to. Brilliant!

#4 YouTube Slam

It is exactly what the name says, a YouTube slam. You get 2 videos to watch and then vote on the better one. There are overall winners. Reminds me of my facemash post

#5 Topics

Discover new things on YouTube!

And for all the other labs, including the ones that let you make 3D videos and let you use your android phone as a remote head out here.

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