Google is evil, and wants to take over the world!

Anybody who knows Bill Gates, also knows why he is rich? Because he owns the largest platform, on which other applications are built. It has been quite clear for a very long time now, that you can’t just make a product and get super rich. For that, you need a platform. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, understoood this very early,and that’s why Facebook’s not just a social networking site, but a platform, with thousands of games/apps.  [ He is the youngest billionaire in the world ] Steve Jobs knew it, and that’s why they build a whole knew platform, on the iPhone, and then on the iPad, for app developers [ Apple has more liquid money than US Treasury Dept. ! ]

And Google knows it too. But how does a search engine make itself a platform? It doesn’t! Instead, what Google does is simple. Overtake every bloody platform known to mankind! [ or at least try ]

1. Mobile phones – This used to be Java’s playground. Then iOS came, and the platform expanded tremendously. But, a little known fact is that Google had been working on Android since before iOS. Android now has a considerable share. And some 200,000 apps.

2. TVs – This still is Java’s playground. And Google wants it, Google wants it all. Eric Schmidt recently claimed that ‘most’ of the TVs shipping in summer 2012 will have Google! Well, lets see!

3. PCs – Google have this thing, known as the Chrome OS. It’s a complete OS, with nothing other than a Chrome browser. Aimed at the future [ cloud computing ]. We will have to wait for this one.

4. Browsers – Sadly, IE owns this space. Chrome has a considerable share. And, Google has already leveraged this platform, by letting developers make apps that run in the browser.

5. Social Networks – Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn rule. Google has something that fits this category. It’s known as Google+. It’s a smart combination of existing sites, with some new ones. Only one problem until now. Your friends don’t use it. Neither do you! That didn’t stop Google from introducing Games, and hence declaring it a platform for developers.

6. Cloud Computing – Google has already leveraged its existing Gmail users, by making a platform known as Google Apps. Google has all standard office apps in the cloud, and lets others developers build for this user base.

And, this shouldn’t sound surprising, I mean, the more platforms you control, the more private jets you have! Right, Google?

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