Facebook’s new photo viewer supports high-res pics!

Did you get it yet? I just noticed it. If you are still seeing the old photo viewer, you probably will get it in a few days. New Facebook features roll out slowly. What’s awesome about this latest update, is that it supports larger resolution pics. As you can see in the in the screenshot above, the image takes almost all of the screen space. Which is exactly wht facebook had promised some time ago. They had also promised filters, which you could apply to your pics before uploading, putting them in direst competition to Instagram, a social network based around sharing pics people click with their mobile phones, and making them look beautiful by applying filters/effects.

What is awesom-er is it looks exactly like the Google+’s photo viewer. Well, almost. But hey, they are getting there. A counter argument could be that this is the only possible layout, for displaying large images.

This is a pic of Google+ photo viewer, displaying the same pic. [ Click on any one of the images to see them in higher resolution. ]


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