Androidify your PC

Android fans, get that damn OS from tablets and mobile phones to pc and laptops

Google’s Android OS is possible on your notebook or desktop?  Yes, you can run Android!


1. What Android OSs can you run on a pc?

Now, all of them.

Android  1.6 , 2,1  , 2.2  , 2.3 , 3.0 , 4.0.

All of them! However, except 1.6, they’re not perfectly stable.

I would suggest going with 1.6 for its stability and speed.


2. Hardware requirements

No one I suppose would lack a 500MHz processor or 128 MB RAM.

So everyone can have run Android on their PC.

You need a Pen drive or CD or DVD with 256MB Memory, which I suppose everyone must have.

You’ll need to create a bootable USB / DVD/ CD.


3. Software requisites

Luckily SOPA can’t touch, so both pre-requisite applications are free.


b) The OS

It is available in ISO format i.e. a bootable disk image

As mentioned earlier, it’s better to use a stable OS for trial than ending up failing, as I did on my Dell XPS 15. Not to mention that these trials are strongly hardware specific.

So I chose Android 1.6.



4. Pre-requisites taken care of, we’re now ready

Run the first file you downloaded from the UNetbootin site.

Windows 7 users should preferably right click and run as administrator.

Before the next step, format your pen drive in FAT 32 format.

Click OK and the process will happen as it should

and ask for an irritating reboot , like most installations do. But you go by your mood.

If you have a spare CD or DVD , use the Windows Image Burner for ISO on DVD/CD.

Now restart your computer.

Open the boot menu. Usually F12 for Dell PCs. Do find out how to open the BIOS menu in your computer, here’s a comprehensive article, about all manufacturers.

Select removable for USB or CD-ROM

Choose Run android without installation.

WARNING: install it to hard disk only if you know how to manage partitions and have installed Linux before.

Hit Enter and the following screen will be displayed.

There. You’re now running android on your Laptop/PC.

What’s working?

Your mouse , your LAN, Internet  and maybe your camera and WiFi, depending on your drivers and the make of your PC.

GO try other versions and respond.

Till then androidify your pc.

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