The first decent 10k tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire

First thing first, its not coming to India or any of the International markets soon. It will launch in the US on 15th of November [ random fact: thats 4 days after 11/11/11 ].


7″ IPS Display with 16 million colors and a 169 ppi resolution [ denser than the iPad ]
Unlike other cheap tabs, it has capacitive multi-touch [ 2 press points ]
1 Ghz Dual Core Processor
8 GB storage
No 3G ūüôĀ
No camera ūüôĀ
Weighs 413g


It’s android without the android. Amazon has created a very fluid interface on top of Android 2.3 for the seemingly¬†meager¬†hardware.

What’s awesome?

This tab will not sell because of its hardware. It will sell because of being content centered. The 8GB space will not feel small, given its cloud storage. Any content that you buy from the Amazon store [ movies/music/books/magazines and apps ] are stored to the cloud automatically, and for free!

Apart from the content, it will sell for its ‘silk’ smooth web browser [ its called the Silk! ]. Web pages, before being rendered on the browser, are processed in the cloud by Amazon, hence reducing the load on the tab, and making the whole¬†experience¬†more fluid. [ This is something you see on the opera mini browser for mobiles, but hopefully more advanced! ] And yes, it supports flash.

Closest Competitors:

Nook Color: 12.5k
Reliance 3G Tab: 13k
Airtel’s Beetel Magiq: 9k
Spice MiTab: 12k
HCL Me Tablet AE7 A1: 11k
iBall Slide: 14k

Other News:

The classic b&w Kindle now costs only 4k, and the b&w Kindle Touch costs 5k. These e-ink readers are good for zero strain reading.

If you were to buy a tablet today, which one would it be and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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