Surface: The Microsoft tablet that is awesome!

Microsoft is finally entering the tablet market with its own hardware. The Surface comes with Windows RT, and by the looks of it, is pretty awesome. The Surface used to be the name of Microsoft’s touch screen tables, which this is not. This is finally a tablet that I would buy, mainly because when I pay for a tablet, I don’t just want an enlarged version of a phone, with almost the same functionality as the phone, the only difference being a larger screen. ( iOS and Android, I am looking at you ). I really like the idea that while Apple and Android are bringing the phone and tablet OS on the same level, Microsoft is bringing the PC and tablet OS at the same level. This is pretty awesome, because this tablet can do much more than just let me read books on a screen.

The Industrial design of this device is certainly awesome. It has a kickstand, and a magnetic keyboard that snaps on just like the iPad’s cover. Microsoft doesn’t call it magic, though. The magnetic keyboard thing is called the Touch Cover, which Microsoft claims has better typing recognition than other devices.

Watch this video from The Verge –

And this teaser from Microsoft –

Would you but this?

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