Jeff Lieberman’s Kinetic Sculptures [ Video ]

High speed photography is not the only thing Jeff Lieberman [ TV show host of Time Warp ]does. He is also a musician, artist and scientist.

Lets take a look at some of his scientific sculptures! 🙂

1. Absolut Quartet, a kinetic sculpture Jeff co-created. Inspired from this Animusic’s Pipe Dream Video.


– Sabina and Absolut Quartet ‘ Sexy Machine’

2. Moore Pattern

– His video on Kickstarter [where he raised money for the project. ]

– Watch it here in action!

3. Sketch

– Does what its name says!

To check out all of his projects, head out to his site here. BTW, he also did a video with OK Go! Also, he levitated a glowing bulb in mid air [ with no wires etc. of course! ]

We will have an interview with him next week.

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